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AkiCarlito's News

Posted by AkiCarlito - October 15th, 2016

Who here plays overwatch :D send over your battle.net id and i'll add u and we can all play together sometime :3


Posted by AkiCarlito - September 15th, 2015

GOSH DAAAANG well whoever my 500 is. they will get a traditional work of any fanart from meeee~ as a thank you for 500!!!!

Posted by AkiCarlito - November 9th, 2014

SOOOO i know its a TAD bit late... okay who am i kidding its been months, but i'm just posting to say that i'm NOT dead!




Been dead busy with art school and been doing assignments for class instead of my own personal works so yeah. Dont worry, the semester is about to end so i'll be continuing my work and art posting here on NG! so wait for me!

Oh but if you want to see my class works, you can follow me on tumblr or instagram

tumblr: akiiraii.tumblr.com

instagram: aki_lingling

Posted by AkiCarlito - May 22nd, 2014

Just posting about this here since my friend's hardwork has been ripped off along with other good ng musicians' works.


If you go to the comments section and select newest first, you'll see a post from Zafrece Comezo. Thats my friend confronting said youtuber about said video/music. This is one of the most frustrating things about being an artist, be it in the aspect of art, music or any other form. AGH. The fact that someone is getting SO much views and love from copying and editing a little bit of the song and then claiming that it's one of their works just drives me mad to no ends.

The idea of all that hardwork, planning and working out the right tunes to make the right song, just gone! Furthermore, its giving the other guy lots of views and love!!! WTF . It kills me everytime i see people doing that with art, music, ideas for movies and just about anything!

SIGHHH but yeah. Anyways, i hope some of you can check it out and thumbs up that comment at the least. It would help my friend out alot.


Thanks for all your time people.



Posted by AkiCarlito - May 10th, 2014

WEEELL..... you see....

I'm actually NOT a 23 year old male from Columbia :T


haha sorry guys but yeahhhh i'm just gonna apologize for tricking everyone but i'm actually a female. heh...

so anyyyyways, wanted everyone to know that... and well i had fun being a temporary male everywhere eheh... but yeah. :'D sorry if it seemed as though i was tricking you guys or anything but i'm coming clean now <3


soooooo i hope there are no hard feelings? and i hope we can all continue sharing the love? eh? eh?





but yeah, heh heh again sorry if it seemed like i lied to everyone etc, but i had my reasons, but its all good now and yeah! Just putting it out there to let everyone know me better as the artist you guys have come to love > <

oh and thanks again to everyone for their support and critiques on my artworks! its helped me out alot too soo yeah!

You guys rock!!


On the side note: I'm currently streaming (2.50a.m GMT+8) *coughyesi'minasiai'msorry*

Stream Link: http://www.livestream.com/angelicbehemoth

Posted by AkiCarlito - April 14th, 2014

hello all! its been a while again.

I've been lazing about and as i busy myself with preparing my portfolio sooo yeah. Been rather inactive in posting things up onto newgrounds.

COUGH so anyways, back to the topic

Those of you who want to get to know me, and or be friends with me on NG, just message me first. Like idk send me a message on muh inbox or sumthang ya know?

I'll reply to it all , dont worry (eventually) so please don't random friend me on NG cus i feel bad as it is to click decline lol.

SO YEAH! Just talk to me and shizz and we can be friends once we get to know each other better no?



oh and its time for me to get to sleep. hasta la vista peeps~



Posted by AkiCarlito - March 18th, 2014

HMMM well to start it off! i havent exactly been inactive... well i have here, on newgrounds yeah but i have been posting up alot of my artworks onto my deviantart account. SO YEAH!


anyways, i'll be posting most of the works that i've done onto newgrounds as well so that everyone can view it etc. and sorry for being so quiet for the past few .. weeks? months? whichever?


Posted by AkiCarlito - September 23rd, 2013

okay guy i really need to earn money. my tablet just died for a whole day.. and i tried everything with it and it didnt work sighhh...
tried fixing the wiring, tried different usb slots, tried restarting the comp with the tablet connected and doing it again without... agh...and it still hasnt worked... OTL

so basically i'm just opening quick traditional sketches so that i can be able to earn money for a new tablet. I've been doing commissions on and off for the past few months and have been saving up. I'm only 300 so so away from the new tablet i want, so please please if u can, spare some money and commission me! > <

Traditional sketches:
Bust - 5 USD
Full Body - 10 USD

Additional characters + 5 USD each

Trad Bust Sketch
Trad Bust Sketch
Trad Bust Sketch

Traditional Linearts
Bust - 10 USD
Full Body - 15 USD

Additional characters + 10 USD each

Trad Fullbody Lineart
Trad Fullbody Lineart
Trad Fullbody Lineart

It would mean a lot to me if you could help out! > <

Posted by AkiCarlito - August 1st, 2013

Ahhhh Doing commissions.

Message me if you're interested
Be warned it gets pricey the more detailed my works get C:

Digital/ Traditional Sketches
Bust - 4 USD
Waist Up - 6 USD
Full Body - 8 USD
(Additional characters + 5 USD)
(Simple BG + 5 USD)
Digital Example
Digital Example
Digital Example
Traditional Example
Traditional Example

Digital/Traditional Linearts
Bust - 10 USD
Waist Up - 15 USD
Full Body - 20 USD
(Additional characters + 10 USD)
(Simple BG + 15 USD)
(Elaborate BG + 20 USD)
Digital Example
Digital Example
Traditional Example
Traditional Example

Digital Cell Shading
Bust - 15 USD
Waist Up - 20 USD
Full Body - 25 USD
(Additional characters + 15 USD)
(Simple BG + 20 USD)
(Elaborate BG + 25 USD)

Commission information

Posted by AkiCarlito - July 22nd, 2013

Its been a while and i really need the money again so hey! I'm openning up Sketch Commissions again!

The price is
Simple Sketch 8 USD
Elaborate Sketch 10 USD
Additional Characters +5 USD (canvas size doesnt matter)
Simple BG +3 USD
Elaborate BG +5 USD

here are a few examples of the sketch commissions i've done so far:
Example 1
Example 2
example 3

Please PM me if ur interested :D